Associate Professor  |  Director, Office of Education Scholarship

Kulamakan (Mahan) Kulasegaram



Toronto General Hospital
Research Interests
Social Determinants of Health, Administrative Databases, Survey Methods, Quantitative Data Analysis, Education Research
CREMS Students, Graduate Students, Summer Students, Volunteers

Affiliations: Director of DFCM’s Office of Education Scholarship, Associate Professor in the DFCM at the University of Toronto and Assessment Scientist in the MD Program.

Degrees: Ph.D. Health Research Methodology Program, Department of Clinical Epidemiology & Biostatistics, McMaster University. 
BHSc.(Hons), Bachelor of Health Sciences Program, McMaster University.

Research Synopsis

Dr. Kulasegaram's research examines educational assessment from both a psychometric and cognitive perspective. His work aims to advance assessment theory and practice by conceptualizing assessment as an instructional and advancement opportunity. This involves re-examining the entire context of assessment - the objectives, process, tools, learners, and raters - from theoretical perspectives informed by cognitive theory and best evidence on measurement. His other interest is in how assessment data can be used to inform and assist learners, teachers, and program leaders. In this area, he studies the social and scientific value of 'Big Data' in medical education.


Spencer Foundation 2015 Competition for Field Specific Grants. “Classrooms, Clinics, & Curricula: Uncovering How Medical Students Learn to Manage their Learning”.  Kulasegaram, Kulamakan; Mylopoulos, Maria; (Co-PI); Monteiro, Sandra; Brydges, Ryan; McConnell, Meghan; Woods, Nicole; Chan, Teresa. Funded to $67,100.00 

AMS Phoenix Project Call to Caring 2015 Grant Competition. “Integration & Identity: Understanding the Mechanisms that Foster a Holistic Physician in Longitudinal Integrated Clerkships.” Kulasegaram, Kulamakan; Bernstein, Stacey (Co-PI); Martimianakis, Maria-Athina; Mylopoulos, Maria; Hutchinson, Clare; Weyman, Karen; Pittini, Richard. LInC Research Subcommittee. Funded to $34,500.

Medical Council of Canada Research in Assessment 2014 Competition – “Enhancing Integration of Basic Science through Assessments: Creating Test-Enhanced Learning for Integration” – Kulasegaram, Kulamakan; Pittini, Richard; Wood, Timothy; Woods, Nicole. Funded to $37,400.00.

Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons 2012 Medical Education Grant Competition – “The Impact of Emotional State on Learning and Transfer.” McConnell, Meghan; Kulasegaram, Kulamakan; Monteiro, Sandra; Neville, Alan; Norman, Geoffrey; Eva, Kevin. Funded to $32,000.00.