FD91: Research Practicum


Course Objectives

Participants will have the opportunity to apply the knowledge and skills they are learning in formal class work to a specific area of research of interest to them.

Participants are responsible for identifying their own area of interest and securing practicum activities with a field supervisor. The Program Director will provide guidance and support and must approve your outline or learning contract. Students are highly recommended to attend the monthly Practicum Sharing Sessions with the program director.


Monthly Meetings with Field Supervisor

Learners must identify a Faculty partner or “field supervisor” who will provide regular feedback and help to guide their practicum. If you are having a difficult time identifying such a person, please discuss with your program director. It will be helpful for you to reflect on what your objectives are for the practicum and select your Faculty partner(s) and practicum activities accordingly.

Certain hospital-based practicum activities may require Fellows who do not have CPSO licensure to apply for hospital observership privileges. Hospital policies with respect to observers must be adhered to at all times including potential administrative costs.


Practicum Requirements

160 hours | 40-half days | average of 1 half-day per week over 12 months

  1. An initial learning contract or detailed outline (submitted within 20 hours of starting the project)
  2. A time log of all activities done related to the practicum
  3. A 2-3 page reflection exercise containing the following:
    1. Why this project?
    2. Methods?
    3. What went well?
    4. What would you do differently?
    5. Anticipated impact of project?
    6. Next Steps?
  4. A copy of any product generated by the practicum (even in draft form), evaluations, written feedback, etc.
  5. An evaluation letter or email from your field supervisor addressing your competency and ability to complete the learning objectives of the research practicum
  6. Satisfactory attendance and participation in the practicum sharing sessions


Examples of Research Activities

  • Working as part of a research team at any stage of a project (planning, implementation, analysis, dissemination)
  • Developing the background materials for a project, completing a systematic literature review
  • Developing a proposal for a research project
  • Assisting with analysis of data generated from an existing project



In order to begin the practicum, learners must be enrolled in one of the Department's research courses such as Research Issues in Family Medicine. The practicum must be approved by the Program Director.