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About the FMLE

The Family Medicine Longitudinal Experience (FMLE) is a compulsory program for second-year medical students. The experience is intended to increase interest in family medicine as a career choice and to help students start integrating their coursework, clinical skills and knowledge base into the clinical setting.

Research has demonstrated that early exposure to clinical experiences in family medicine has a positive influence on a student’s career choice and so may help address the family physician shortage. Students observe and participate with practicing family physicians in a longitudinal fashion over six sessions.

Why become a preceptor (teacher)?

  • Free faculty development and CME
  • An evening of orientation and teaching basics
  • An opportunity to be considered for a University of Toronto faculty appointment
  • A stipend: Preceptors will receive a $600 stipend per student (a 50% increase from previous years). You can take up to 4 students per academic year.

What's involved

  • No extra space is needed. Your student can work alongside you in clinic.
  • Physicians in general family medicine practices or in specific practice areas can take students, although the majority of care must be general family medicine.
  • Your time commitment is six afternoons over a four-month period. The students have protected time for FMLE on select Monday afternoons and Thursday afternoons, but there is also some flexibility for Tuesday afternoons.
  • New teachers are welcome!  

Preceptor eligibility

You must:

  • Be in good standing with the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Ontario (CPSO)
  • Have your Canadian Certification in Family Medicine (CCFP) and/or be a member of the College of Family Physicians of Canada (CFPC)
  • Be enthusiastic about family medicine
  • Be a family physician in a community-based clinic that is accessible by public transit or car within a 40-60 minute commute from the downtown Toronto campus or the Mississauga campus (located at 3359 Mississauga Road North) even if it is a locum practice (no extra office space required)

Preceptor orientation workshop

  • Mainpro-accredited event, held twice yearly
  • Workshop topics include:
    • Teaching Strategies
    • Integrating Medical Students into the Office Setting
    • What Do 2nd Year Medical Students Know?

Preceptor feedback

  • “My student was very enthusiastic about coming to the clinic. She got to see a lot of different types of patients coming through the clinic. At the beginning and end of each day, we went over some interesting cases of the day.”
  • “In general, for me, it is a great experience to have a medical student in the office. I would definitely do it again next year. Thanks for the opportunity.”
  • “From the perspective of [a] mentor I found the experience was rewarding. Reviewing my practice and setting with the student gave me a chance for self-reflection which is rare in the usual busy day.”

Student feedback

  • “My preceptor created a warm learning environment for both theory and practical aspects of clinical medicine.”
  • “Much needed clinical experience.”
  • “Encouraging and motivating to consolidate what one learns in the classroom with real-life clinical experience.”
  • “Fantastic to learn about family medicine and patient interactions.  This program has increased my interest in pursuing family medicine.”
  • “[This experience] helped me understand what the job is really about, how hard it really is, and how smart these doctors are.  What a difficult job!”
  • “As I saw, some patients have a tremendous amount of faith in their family physicians, they value them more so than any other health care resource.”

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Brandi Quirk, FMLE Coordinator
Tel: 416-946-5249
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