The McNally Project: Supporting Research Capacity Growth in Paramedicine

The McNally Project for Paramedicine Research is a grassroots initiative intended to build research capacity in paramedicine. Establishing a strong research foundation within Canadian paramedicine is essential for advancing the field and ensuring high-quality patient care. The integration of research within paramedicine is not simply an enhancement of its existing functions, but a fundamental shift toward an evidence-informed practice and systems. Supporting such a transition is pivotal and requires a broad range of activities that can support the community to leverage broad research paradigms, methods, and methodologies to generate and answer important research questions. Evidence generated can inform educators, health care administrators, and policymakers, leading to optimized strategies and the implementation of practices that can influence the broader health system and professional reforms. 

For more information or to become involved, contact Dr. Walter Tavares at, Dr. Ian Drennan at, the McNally Project at, or visit the McNally Project website.