Faculty Members Recognized for Excellence in MD Teaching

Jan 9, 2019

The University of Toronto Department of Family and Community Medicine (DFCM) wishes to acknowledge the 94 faculty members who have been awarded an MD Program Teaching Award for Excellence. This award is a new initiative introduced by the University of Toronto medical students and recognizes faculty in the MD Program who have attained teaching evaluation scores in the top 10% in one or more of the teaching activities to which they have contributed. Congratulations to all recipients of this award.


Dr. Sabrina Akhtar

Dr. Jeanne Huo

Dr. Christena Rackus

Dr. Nadia Alam

Dr. Difat Jakubovicz

Dr. Subhani Ragunathan

Dr. Ruby Alvi

Dr. Teela Johnson

Dr. Suleman Remtulla

Dr. Pradeepan Arulchelvam

Dr. Anu Joneja

Dr. Jane Ridley

Dr. Laurence Biro

Dr. Michael Kates

Dr. Gerald Rockman

Dr. Ashna Bowry

Dr. Kimberley Kent

Dr. Evelyn Rubin

Dr. Narayan Chattergoon

Dr. Erin Kraftcheck

Dr. Celine Sandor

Dr. Jingshu (Jenny) Chen

Dr. Michelle Kraus

Dr. Amit Shah

Dr. Alex Cheng

Dr. Shawn Lacombe

Dr. Roya Shaji

Dr. Elaine Cheng

Dr. Pamela Lenkov

Dr. David Shergold

Dr. Robert Cho

Dr. Renata Leong

Dr. Robert Simard

Dr. Anthony Chow

Dr. Desmond Leung

Dr. Giovanna Sirianni

Dr. Jane Chow

Dr. Fok-Han Leung

Dr. Martin Sommerfeld

Dr. Karen Chu

Dr. Jo Jo Leung

Dr. Andrew Sparrow

Dr. Patrick Chu

Dr. Caesar Lim

Dr. Tanya Stone

Dr. Robert Ciccarelli

Dr. Erick Ling

Dr. Naveed Syed

Dr. Paula Cleiman

Dr. Jerome Liu

Dr. Zohair Syed

Dr. Brent Crawford

Dr. Anna MacDonald

Dr. Raman Tatla

Dr. Karen Cronin

Dr. Dara Marker

Dr. Susan Thouin

Dr. Susan Deering

Dr. Judith Marshall

Dr. Elizabeth Tolhurst

Dr. Jonathan Ding

Dr. Chase McMurren

Dr. Diana Toubassi

Dr. Paul Ellis

Dr. Azadeh Moaveni

Dr. Phillipe Toupin

Dr. Majella Emmanuel

Dr. Natalie Morson

Dr. Peter Tzakas

Dr. David Esho

Dr. Collin Nguyen

Dr. Maria Upenieks

Dr. Amy Forbes

Dr. Rory O'Sullivan

Dr. Jeff Weissberger

Dr. Amy Freedman

Dr. Purti Papneja

Dr. Sarah Whynot

Dr. Steven Friedman

Dr. Meeta Patel

Dr. Anne Wideman

Dr. Graham Gaylord

Dr. Nikita Patel

Dr. David MC Wong

Dr. Julia Hamilton

Dr. Lauren Payne

Dr. Yashi Yathindra

Dr. Laura Hans

Dr. Jordan Pelc

Dr. Ashley Zaretsky

Dr. Lindsay Herzog

Dr. Azra Premji


Dr. Walter Himmel

Dr. Nadia Primiani