Apr 15, 2020

#SCBIpodcast: A teaspoon of wellness makes the medicine go down with Dr. Julia Alleyne

Julia Alleyne

This week on Small Changes, Big Impact we have Dr. Julia Alleyne, the associate program director of the Academic Fellowship and Graduate Studies program at the University of Toronto Department of Family and Community Medicine, and creator of Wellsense, a blog that talks about evidence-based wellness with a common sense approach. Today, we discussed the importance of wellness and resilience in keeping people healthy. 



Dr. Rezmovitz: (00:20)
Julia, thank you so much for being on the show today.

Dr. Alleyne: (00:23)
Oh, thank you Jeremy. It's a pleasure.

Dr. Rezmovitz: (00:25)
So tell our listeners what you do in our department.

Dr. Alleyne: (00:30)
I've had a few roles. My current role is I'm associate program director with graduate and academic studies. What does that mean? I oversee the family and community medicine master's degrees, the research certificate and our academic fellowship.

Dr. Rezmovitz: (00:48)
So you've got free time in your hands, is what you're saying?

Dr. Alleyne: (00:51)
Well, we're busy right now because we're doing a lot of converting to distance learning.

Dr. Rezmovitz: (00:55)
Yeah I can imagine.

Dr. Alleyne: (00:55)
But my staff and the instructors have been just fantastic at grasping the concepts quickly.

Dr. Rezmovitz: (01:03)
Yeah, I'm sure there's a lot of work that you guys are undertaking right now that was probably not anticipated to be done in such a short amount of time.

Dr. Alleyne: (01:10)
That's right.

Dr. Rezmovitz: (01:11)
Yeah. So how are you coping right now otherwise? I mean, you've got professional commitments, personal commitments, I'm sure, how has COVID-19 impacted you right now?

Dr. Alleyne: (01:23)
You know, I'm a silver lining person. So I bounce back and forth between the new demands, the restrictions, the worry and the uncertainty. And then looking at, "Oh, I get to know what my cat does during the day" and "Oh, this is a new person who I haven't talked to in a long time or someone who I'm reacquainted with." So I bounce back and forth between them. I've gone through other marathons, so to speak, and I'm treating this the same way that you just have to pace yourself, prepare yourself, you know there's going to be an end. We know that from history - other pandemics have started and ended. And so I'm in my marathon mentality right now.

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