Part-time Training Option

In exceptional circumstances, consideration may be given to the completion of residency on a part-time basis. Due to the unavoidable impact of part-time attendance on the acquisition of educational competencies, particularly those related to continuity of care, it is expected that this will be an exceedingly rare occurrence.

Those interested in part-time training should approach the postgraduate program director for further discussion. Applications will only be considered from residents who are in good standing, and must be reviewed and approved by the Residency Program Committee. 

In keeping with the College of Family Physicians’ Statement on Part-time and Shared Residency Training, the overall program length is not to exceed 4 years, and any part-time commitment is to be no less than 50% of that of a full-time resident. Any extension beyond these limits requires review by the CFPC Board of Examiners.

If interested, please contact or tel: 416-978-6467 to explore how your needs might be accommodated.