Postgraduate Residency Program Details: Mount Sinai Hospital

Granovsky Gluskin Family Medicine Centre

Quick Facts

Number of residents: 24
Curriculum type: horizontal
PGY1 elective/selective months: 1
PGY2 elective/selective months: 7

Program Highlights

  • Inherit your own practice — horizontal program enables continuity of care throughout residency
  • Plenty of elective time in second year
  • Exposure to a variety of dedicated faculty
  • Excellent primary care obstetrics experience
  • State-of-the-art facility with electronic medical records in a central downtown teaching hospital on the subway line

The Mount Sinai Hospital (MSH) Family Medicine Residency Program has a distinctive horizontal/longitudinal curriculum where residents maintain a family practice three half days per week throughout the two-year program.

The MSH program will expose you to a mix of full time academic and community-based family physicians for supervising and teaching. Our unit is a Family Health Team which includes social workers, nurses, nurse practitioners, psychiatry, a pharmacist, a diabetes team, a midwife, and a dietician.

Many of the faculty are involved in research, and we are pursuing the goal of fully integrating scholarly inquiry into the clinical activities of the office.

You will have regular opportunities to learn by participating in a variety of academic endeavours:

  • Dedicated faculty supervisors with video recording and ongoing feedback during clinical encounters
  • Review of cases with faculty supervisors at the completion of each half-day clinic
  • Core seminars every Wednesday afternoon
  • Rounds presentations, featuring critical appraisal
  • Quality Improvement Education and Experience
  • Resident research project
  • Faculty mentor

You will benefit most from the MSH program if you are committed to caring for your own patients and enthusiastic in identifying your learning goals and choosing opportunities to fulfill them.

The Family Medicine Centre is located in the Mount Sinai Hospital Murray Street building which houses many of Mount Sinai’s ambulatory care clinics. Mount Sinai’s patient population includes a mosaic of cultures, socio-economic groups and all age groups, reflecting central Toronto.


The Family Medicine (FM) Experience

  • You will take over a practice from a departing resident.
  • On most rotations, you will see your own FM patients on three half days each week throughout the two years (exceptions are no half-days back when away at teaching practice and two half-days back when on internal medicine).
  • You get the opportunity to build and maintain your own practice, to develop continuing relationships with your patients and their families and to sustain your role as a family physician.
  • Most core rotations are at MSH, making it convenient to get from other rotations to the FM clinic.

Family Medicine Obstetrical and Newborn Care

  • You will be on call for approximately two 24-hour shifts per week for two blocks in first year and one block in second year. Because this is a horizontal/longitudinal program, a three-block rotation is equivalent to a two-block rotation on ‘block time’.
  • When you are not on call you do not have to be in the ward.
  • You will attend your three half day FM clinics and have additional time to work with lactation consultants, genetic counsellors/ prenatal screening program or the neonatal resuscitation team.
  • You are on call for patients of family doctors only. Therefore, you will follow patients together with the FM staff, rather than being a junior member of the obstetrical team.
  • You will be the primary resident responsible for all procedures during labour, delivery, and postpartum care; this includes managing common newborn issues like jaundice and breastfeeding as well as scalp clips, rupturing membranes, repairs etc. The family doctor is there when needed throughout labour and is always present for the delivery.
  • Since this is technically home call, you are allowed to go home if there are no active patients — although on average there are two to five deliveries per 24-hour shift.

The program provides excellent preparation for residents whose goals include the ability to practice primary care obstetrics upon graduation. For those not interested in obstetrics, it is still a great way to learn because there is minimal ‘scut-work’ and you will get a lot of hands on experience with reliable, excellent backup from the staff physician.


The paediatrics experience includes a one-block emergency rotation at the Hospital for Sick Children or St Joseph’s Hospital and one block of outpatient paediatrics in the community.

Musculoskeletal Rotation

The MSK experience includes one block with a combination of rheumatology clinics, work with a chiropractor and sports medicine clinics in the community.

Palliative Care

The Palliative Care includes one-block of exposure to palliative care in the inpatient setting and doing home visits.

Women’s Health/ Gynecology

Residents work in a variety of clinics including gynecology offices, osteoporosis clinics, breast clinics and the Bay Centre for Birth Control.

Emergency Medicine

Emergency medicine comprises approximately three shifts per week over a three block period in the MSH emergency department (two in first year, one in second year). The emergency department staff consists of family physicians with emergency qualifications, who act as great role models for those wanting to do emergency medicine. Residents have the option of arranging their second PGY1 block at an alternative hospital.

Internal Medicine

This experience runs over a two-block period in first year:

  • You will be part of a team consisting of one staff, a senior medical resident, two to three interns and medical students.
  • You will follow patients you admit while on call and will have an opportunity to perform any procedures your patients require. There are many opportunities to manage emergency situations (e.g., respiratory distress, chest pain, cardiac arrests).
  • You will do standard one-in-four call with your team.

FM clinics are reduced to two half days per week on this rotation.


This rotation is focused on the care of the elderly. Experiences include:

  • Falls clinic
  • Memory clinic
  • Home visits
  • Geriatrics assessments and FM with a geriatrics focus

Mental Health Care

There is no formal rotation in psychiatry. We focus on mental health education several times a month through our unique psychiatry core seminar series. This comprises lectures by psychiatrists and resident case and video reviews. Psychiatrists are available to you for consultation in your work with patients and residents are buddied with a psychiatry resident to ask questions about their patients by email or telephone.

Flexible Second Year

Residents complete additional core rotations required for certification in FM such as ambulatory internal medicine (cardiology and endocrinology), a final block of FM obstetrics and one block of ER medicine. The remainder of the second year of the program may be customized to meet your specific educational goals, while you maintain your ongoing practice in the FMTU.

Two blocks in second year will be spent in a FM practice in a smaller community of your choice. The remaining blocks will consist of self-selected learning experiences. In total, there are seven months of elective time in second year.

If you have additional questions, please contact:

Dr. Natalie Morson
Program Director   
Ms. Paula Darocha
Program Assistant 416-586-4800 x 3114

Dr. Noam Berlin

Dr. Bernard Ho
Chief Residents



MSH Sample 2 Year Rotation Schedule

Rotations at a Glance

In Mount Sinai’s horizontal program you will see your patients in the Family Medicine Centre three half days per week in all rotations except internal medicine and teaching practice. All rotations are four weeks in length so there are 13 blocks per year.

1st Year

Rotation location duration description
Emergency Medicine MSH ER Approx. 3 shifts/wk over 2 blocks You will work in a busy ER with excellent staff teachers.
Internal Medicine MSH Team Medicine 2 months You will be assigned to a Team and will be on call 1 in 4. You will do 1 full-day back to the Family Medicine Centre instead of 3 during these months. Post-call clinics are cancelled.
Family Medicine Maternity and Newborn Care MSH 2-3 24 hour shifts/wk for 2 blocks You will be responsible for all family medicine patients being assessed in triage, patients admitted in labour, postpartum patients and newborns. When you are not on call, you will have your 3 half days in the FMC and gain exposure to neonatal resuscitation, genetics counselling and lactation consulting.
Women’s Health Bay Centre for Birth Control and other clinics 1 block During this block you will attend 2 clinics at the Bay Centre per week, plus a variety of other clinics (breast, gyne, osteoporosis, etc.) You will also participate in obstetrics call if needed.

Pediatric Emergency

HSC/SJHC 1 block You will do shifts in both the fast rack and ER areas at the HSC. If you select SJHC you will work in the pediatric section of the Emergency Department seeing primarily kids.
Community Pediatrics Community Office 1 block You will work in a busy community pediatrics office and see a variety of common pediatric problems.
Geriatrics Mount Sinai /Baycrest/ UHN 1 block You will attend a variety of clinics at Toronto Western Hospital, Mount Sinai, Baycrest and Toronto Rehab.
Elective   1 block  
Palliative Care

MSH inpatient – 2 wks

Home visits – 2 wks

1 block This block will expose you to palliative care both in the home and hospital
MSK MSH and other clinics 1 block You will attend a combination of rheumatology, sports medicine and chiropractic clinics at MSH and in the community

2nd Year

rotation location duration description
Elective   7 blocks

Any elective can be organized according to your specific learning objectives. Electives must be approved by the program director.

Emergency Medicine


Approx. 3 shifts/wk over 1 block

You will work in a busy ER with excellent staff teachers

Cardiology Clinics

MSH – Dr. Jewel Gold

1 block

One block will be spent in a cardiology outpatient clinic primarily at Sinai and some community clinics.

Endocrinology Clinics

UHN - Dr. Silver

1 block

One block will be spent in endocrinology clinic. This rotation is spent doing endocrinology clinics and consults at UHN.

Family Medicine Maternity and Newborn Care

MSH 1 block

2 to 3 24-hour shifts per week for 1 block

Teaching Practice

  2 blocks

You will be at a rural site for 2 blocks and will be involved in inpatient care, ER shifts, and obstetrical care.