Short and Long-Term Personal Illness

I am too ill to go in today.

Please contact your Site Program Administrator and notify your supervisor of your absence.

I have a longer-term illness.

In the case of longer-term illness, a leave of absence is defined as an approved interruption of training for any reason. The College of Family Physicians of Canada (CFPC) states that family medicine residents must complete 24 months of training to be eligible for the Family Medicine certification exam. Waivers of training of 4 weeks may be granted at the discretion of the Program Director. Only by exception and under unusual circumstances will the DFCM agree to review or grant a shortened program. Please see the DFCM’s policy Consideration for Reduction in Program Length in the Resident Handbook.

Residents are entitled to 6 months of paid sick leave. Further details on Long Term Disability and other entitlements regarding illness or injury are addressed in Section 14 of the PARO-CAHO Agreement.

In all cases, the Program Director, in discussion with the returning resident, should determine:

  • the training level to which the resident will return following the leave; and
  • the necessary educational experiences required for the resident to complete the residency requirements and goals and objectives of the training program.

If you require any form of accommodation as a result of your medical condition in order to stay at or return to work, please contact the Office of Learner Affairs