Stuart Murdoch

Dr. Stuart Murdoch

Dr. Stuart Murdoch is the Postgraduate Education Program Director and an Associate Professor at the Department of Family and Community Medicine (DFCM), University of Toronto.

Dr. Murdoch is an experienced family physician, teacher and educational leader. He has played a pivotal role in the development and implementation of the Barrie residency program at the Royal Victoria Regional Health Centre (RVH), where he has served as the Chief of the Department of Family Medicine and the Family Medicine Residency Program Site Director for nine years. As a physician, he is committed to teaching while providing comprehensive family medicine including inpatient and palliative care.

Dr. Murdoch is highly regarded for his leadership and innovation in postgraduate education. He has completed the University of Toronto’s Faculty of Medicine’s New and Evolving Academic Leaders (NEAL) program and actively contributes to various committees in the field.

Dr. Murdoch has earned numerous accolades, notably the 2019 Resident Doctors of Canada Mikhael Award for Medical Education (Staff Category), making him the first family physician to receive this prestigious honour. Awarded for contributions to improving undergraduate and postgraduate medical education in Canada, Dr. Murdoch was recognized for substantial contributions, particularly his work in bringing residency training to RVH and his role as the Postgraduate Education Program Director at DFCM.