Undergraduate MD Program Details: Trillium Health Partners - Credit Valley Hospital

Trillium Health Partners - Credit Valley Family Medicine Teaching Unit

Type of Practice

Clerks at Credit Valley Hospital will work with preceptors in the Family Medicine Teaching Unit (FMTU) and in the community. Each clerk will be placed in approximately two to three different practices with all practices having a wide range of patients.

Location of Practice

The Family Medicine Teach Unit is located in close proximity to the hospital. The community placements are in a defined area surrounding the hospital.

Special Features of Site

Video cameras are available at the teaching unit for observation and feedback.

Clerks will have the opportunity to work with family medicine residents at the teaching unit.

The Credit Valley Family Health Team has a bilingual site. There are opportunities for clerks fluent in French to be placed at this site.

Mandatory Experience

Clerks will attend a COPD/Asthma Clinic and a Diabetes Clinic.

Clerkship Electives/Selectives

All clerks are welcome to join their preceptors during their hospital duties. While there are no on-call requirements, opportunities such as an obstetrical delivery or home visit may arise. There are many different educational opportunities available. Clerks are welcome to express their particular areas of interest and attempts will be made to provide some learning opportunities which match their interests.