Basics Workshop Series

Learn the Basics for Success at the Department of Family and Community Medicine (DFCM)

Whether you are new to the department or a seasoned faculty member, connect with the people and resources at DFCM through the Basics faculty development workshop series. You’ll gain access to valuable tools at each stage of your career. These workshops are tailored to the specific needs of family medicine teachers and also provide opportunities for networking. 

Current offerings:

Get in touch with your Faculty Development Lead for information on eligibility and the next scheduled workshop dates, or email for more information.

Basics for New Faculty

You’ll benefit from practical teaching workshops and the chance to connect with your fellow DFCM colleagues during this three-day accredited orientation program for new faculty. Program content focuses on the skills and knowledge to help navigate common teaching situations successfully. You’ll also learn about the resources available to you through DFCM and how to use them in your career path.

Topics include:

  • Effective Teaching Strategies
  • Feedback and Evaluation
  • Professionalism
  • Challenging Teaching Situations

Leadership Basics

Leadership Basics is a great way to prepare yourself as a new or emerging leader for career growth. Our full day and subsequent half day workshops will help you develop your leadership skills and set professional goals, plus allow you to network with other emerging leaders. 

Topics include:

  • Styles and forms of leadership
  • Dealing with conflict
  • Change management
  • Resilience

Wellness and Resilience Series

Our interactive, half day workshop series will help you experience how the humanities are an untapped resource for personal and professional wellness and resilience. Come learn about narrative medicine and models of mindfulness and their applicability to health-care providers, as well as develop knowledge and skills in mindfulness-based practices for personal and professional stress management and burnout prevention.

Topics include:

  • Narrative medicine
  • Mindfulness practices
  • Therapeutic use of the visiaul arts, including drawing and film
  • Embodied presence
  • Improvisational theatre

Past Offerings:

Beyond Basics

This yearly accredited program provides established DFCM faculty members with enhanced skills. Hear from dynamic keynote speakers on practical professional development topics, refresh your perspective and connect with colleagues.

Topics include:

  • Leadership
  • Resilience
  • Career development
  • Faculty skills development

Scholarship Basics - An Introduction to Education Scholarship

This full day event will inspire you to take your education scholarship work to the next level. Come network with others at DFCM, and learn more about how to incorporate education scholarship into your academic work. Participants will have an opportunity to meet champions, find a mentor and access DFCM resources.

Topics include:

  • What is education scholarship 
  • Getting started
  • Scholarly teaching
  • Pearls/lessons learned