Departmental Award: Excellence in Course/Program Development


This award recognizes outstanding work in course or program development by individuals or groups in the Department of Family and Community Medicine. 


Any individual or group in the DFCM engaged in the development and coordination of a course, curriculum, or program (i.e., subject supervisor, course director, small group teaching). 


The selection committee will consider the following:

  • Subject Supervisor/Course Director—commitment and enthusiasm; accessibility to learners and staff; excellence in teaching; continuous monitoring of course.
  • Course Design—well defined course objectives; courses well organized and integrated with logical progression of subject matter; effective use of teaching sites; consistency in teaching, content and scheduling throughout teaching sites; integrated with other courses and programs, originality and experimentation in course design; effective and innovative use of AV and other learning aids.
  • Course Content—subject matter matches  course objectives and learners’ level; relevance of subject matter to future study; presentation of subject matter to stimulate critical and analytical thinking.
  • Teaching Staff—selection and appropriate assignment of staff; high quality teaching throughout course; involvement of staff in course design and decision making; participation of staff in faculty development and research activities; commitment and enthusiasm of staff.
  • Examinations—matched with subject matter and course objectives; designed to encourage students to learn core material and basic principles; focused on critical and analytical thinking; fairness.
  • Course Evaluation—regular evaluations; appropriate changes of course based on evaluation.
  • Provides evidence of scholarly dissemination (i.e. peer-reviewed posters, workshops, and presentations).


One award winner will be selected from each of the following categories:

  • Fully Affiliated Sites
  • Community Affiliated Sites
  • Community Sites (includes FMLE, teaching practices, and integrated community sites) 
  • HPEs Fully Affiliated Sites
  • HPEs Community Affiliated Sites

Please review our Site Affiliation Table to determine which category applies to your nominee.


Nominations can be made by any faculty or staff member of the DFCM, including self-nomination. The nominations will be considered by the DFCM Central Awards Committee. The nominator is responsible for the collection and submission of the award nomination package and informing the nominee of their nomination.

Nominations for this DFCM Award of Excellence must include the following:

  1. Completed nomination form that includes the supporting signature of a teaching site Chief, DFCM Program Director, Division Head or Supervisor.
  2. Two letters of support indicating why this individual is being nominated in the selected category. Letters that are the most helpful address the criteria for the award and present evidence supporting the nominee’s excellence in those criteria.
  3. CV. (One CV should be submitted by the group lead)
  4. Additional material documenting evidence of excellence may be submitted. A maximum of 3 additional documents can be added to the nomination. These may include letters of support, project proposals, educational materials, etc.  


Please download the nomination form and include it in the nomination package:

  1.  DFCM Awards of Excellence Nomination Form_FINAL.docx

Please submit by email the completed nomination form and corresponding award application documentation in a single PDF file by April 15 (annually) to