Enhanced Skills Program: Sports and Exercise Medicine Goals and Objectives

Program Goals & Objectives 
Program Director: Dr. Mark Leung

Performs sport medicine consultations on multiple musculoskeletal injuries.

  1. Perform a comprehensive history and physical examination.
  2. Generate a reasonable differential diagnosis.
  3. Identify appropriate investigations and referrals.

Takes a patient exercise/activity history and identify risk factors.

  1. Awareness of multiple sport and sport specific approach.
  2. Describe the benefits and risks of exercise in patient education.
  3. Describe the physiological response and adaptation to exercise.
  4. Interpret the need for and make a referral for a fitness test.

Manages urgent/emergent sport medicine scenarios.

  1. Demonstrates initial management skill of environmental emergencies.
  2. Diagnose and manage sport related concussions.
  3. Manage post-concussive syndromes.
  4. Provide detailed return-to-play counselling for injuries/illnesses.
  5. Awareness of environmental risk factors in sport and identify risk factors for sudden death in sport.
  6. Apply the principles and techniques of appropriate orthopaedic reductions of common joint dislocations.

Records an accurate medication history for sport-related review.

  1. Identify the categories of permitted and prohibited substances and provide appropriate patient counselling and education.

Identifies mental health impact of trauma, stress and disability related to MSK conditions.

  1. Perform a detailed pain assessment with appropriate patient sensitivity.
  2. Assessment and management issues related to the psychological influences on performance, transition and/or retirement.
  3. Recognize and respond to the psychological consequences of injury in return to play decisions affecting the elite athlete.
  4. Recognize and diagnose athletes at risk for eating disorders, anxiety and/or depression.
  5. Manage athletes with an eating disorder, anxiety +/or depression.
  6. Recognize psychiatric emergencies requiring immediate referral.
  7. Initiate treatment for psychiatric emergencies.