Wellness Resources

Welcome to the DFCM Wellness center page. Dr. Navsheer Gill is our new Wellness lead, supported by the W&R sub-committee. DFCM faculty and student well-being is of paramount importance. As we strive to build wellness into our department, there are lots of resources available to both faculty and students to help support well-being. In order to better support faculty and students well-being, please take a look at some of the offerings available. 

For more information on program offerings or questions, please contact Madie Morassutti at dfcm.awards@utoronto.ca

COVID-19 support  for Health Practitioners (Please note this service is not affiliated with University of Toronto)

To help support frontline healthcare workers, a new resource has been developed to offer free online, or by phone therapy. This is not a UofT initiative. For more information, please visit https://covid19therapists.com/

More COVID-19 wellness resources can be found on our COVID-19 Updates and Resources for Faculty, Staff and Residents page.

Quick Links:


Watch Dr. Robert Maunder and Dr. Jon Hunter’s 7-minute video

 “Three steps to coping with anything (including COVID-19)




 3 Minute Breathing Space Guided by Dr. Zindel Segal