Chair's Message

David TannenbaumDear Colleagues, 

This month has been a challenging one. As the stresses and strains of the pandemic persist, we are faced with news of issues in the Middle East and their local repercussions, and the horrifying discovery of the remains of 215 children in an unmarked burial site at the former Indian Residential School in Kamloops, BC. This news is hard to process. It is a difficult time for many of our faculty and learners.

Throughout these challenges, the DFCM community continues to make invaluable contributions to health and education. In today’s message, I would like to focus on these contributions. 

Firstly, I am pleased to announce DFCM’s 2021 senior promotions. In a particularly difficult year, eight individuals have been recognized for leadership in family medicine clinical care, education and research. Please join me in congratulating our newly minted Professors and Associate Professors. I also want to thank DFCM’s Senior Promotions committee, and Ms. Sarah Letovsky, our Academic Promotions Coordinator, for their role in supporting each of these worthy candidates throughout the process.

This month, we also celebrate our graduating family medicine residents. Graduation is always a significant achievement. But for this cohort, who have completed two years of family medicine training during a pandemic, it is particularly momentous. This group has made invaluable contributions throughout residency – both in day-to-day rotations and during front-line redeployments.

I would also like to thank the 170+ DFCM family doctors who have volunteered for our Docs4Docs initiative. This is a pilot project to connect unattached physicians who are significantly impacted by the stress of working in COVID-19 environments with a family doctor for immediate and long-term support, and to co-ordinate care for specific issues. This is currently available for critical care and anesthesiology staff physicians, and we expect to expand to other groups soon. Thank you to all who have volunteered, your support is greatly appreciated.

Finally, thank you for the remarkable COVID vaccination efforts that many of you have been participating in. At a vaccination rate of approximately 1% of the population daily, and with the accelerated schedule that is anticipated for second doses, we can soon expect a relaxing of restrictions and the hope of enjoying a summer that allows greater proximity to family, friends and loved ones. Something we can all look forward to.

David Tannenbaum
Interim Chair
Department of Family and Community Medicine

May 31, 2021